Our Products

1.C Track
Courier Mangement System

CTrack provides full shipment Mananging solution including traking and Delivery information. This greatly reduces the constraints of your customer service department to handle large amount of enquiries.hence you would have extra capacity to handle more business while your customers are happier at the same time. customers can generate single or multiple airwaybills at a time by using their own database with CTrack Agent tool.this will help data entry team to reduce the number of entries also increase the quality of data whic help your operations team to deliver the shipment on time.

PSocket- Pocket PC Application

Pocket PC / PDA Application for Shipment Pickup and Delivery, Tracking Baggage scanning, RF-ID scanning etc. can do for the Courier Management System, which shares the data with the data server in real time.

PStock - Pocket PC Application

PStock is a Pocket PC / PDA Application for handling the Inventory Management System. Pocket PC/ PDA software for IN and OUT of the Inventory items management including the delivery of the Items..

iShip - Client Application

iShip is a Customer/ Agent Application Tool for Manifest for the Courier Management System. iShip is a Client Application for Booking, Manifesting, Update entry handling and Track and Trace for Shipments by the Customer / Agent of the Courier Companies..

ClusterPro - Time Attendance software

ClusterPro Software integrates with the third party wipe or biometric attendance hardware, which processes the attendance data. Which defines the Shift rules and policies as per the business requirements..

Marine Management System

Xtreme ERP handles the Marine Automation and Calibration Service jobs and Certification. Supply,Installation jobs & Repairing Jobs of complete marine communication and navigation systems of various categories handling by this system.inventory Management,Accounts and certification also under this Solution.

Cheque Printing Solution

ChequePRO provides easy printing of single of bulk cheques. Different types of cheques layout can be design and set. This one time setting helps user by selecting the template and start to print.

8.Easy lables
Lable Printing Solution

EasyLabel - Printing Solution for Label Printing Management System Easy Label is a Label Printing management solution for Sending Magazines and weekly books for Publications..

Pocket PC /PDA/ Windows Mobile Aplications

PSocket is a Pocket PC or Pesonal digital Assistant software for Sales or delivery of products stationary items. This software suite for Shipment Delivery ,food and bakery items supply on delivery points and taking orders from Customer Ends.The on - time Server communication techinques applied for up to date data updation.PSocket runs on all Windows CE OS.