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What we do

PSocket- Pocket PC Application

Pocket PC / PDA Application for Shipment Pickup and Delivery, Tracking Baggage scanning, RF-ID scanning etc. can do for the Courier Management System, which shares the data with the data server in real time.

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PStock - Pocket PC Application

PStock is a Pocket PC / PDA Application for handling the Inventory Management System. Pocket PC/ PDA software for IN and OUT of the Inventory items management including the delivery of the Items.

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iShip - Client Application

iShip is a Customer/ Agent Application Tool for Manifest for the Courier Management System. iShip is a Client Application for Booking, Manifesting, Update entry handling and Track and Trace for Shipments by the Customer.

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"Our Clients"

"We Developing Software ERP Solutions for Courier, Logistics & Cargo Industries, Mobile and PDA Applications Courier and other industries, and Inventory. We are giving all solutions in the Courier and Logistics ERP System with Windows Application for OPERATIONS, BILLING/ACCOUNTS, VEHICLE MANAGEMENT, CRM, HRMANAGMENT, API INTEGRATIONS WITH THIRD PARTY, WEB PORTAL FOR BOOKING AND MANIFESTING, CLIENT TOOL FOR BOOKING AND MANIFEST and Pocket PC Apps and Android App for PICKUP AND DELIVERY of the Shipments." RAG Technologies